Working with local Dallas-Fort Worth private real estate investors will offer you many benefits opposed to selling with a Realtor® or selling your house “For Sale by Owner”.

A Quick Cash Sale – We can buy your home quickly because we are not waiting for a mortgage to get approved. Paying cash means that we can close the sale faster than a standard buyer.

No Commission Costs – We do not charge a fee for our service.The amount we offer you for your home is the amount that you will receive at closing.

We Buy Houses “As-Is” – You don’t have to do anything! If you are selling your home and don’t want to spend the time or money replacing and repairing, a real estate investor is the route to go when selling your home. We will buy your house exactly how it sits.

Prevent Foreclosure – Selling to a real estate investor is a common solution to stopping foreclosure. If you don’t have a place to go, we can take over your mortgage, and allow you to rent the property if you want to remain in the home. 

Close When You Want – We can buy your house in 7 days, and on occasion, we have bought a house quicker than that, but we will always work with the seller and we can close on the date you choose.

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We will contact you with our offer!

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